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America’s personable First Couple she smartly dressed in black

Postado por tecsky em 14 de outubro de 2014
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handbags ysl replica The posters up at the school welcoming America’s first couple had Barack all puffed up with beefy muscles in a Superman suit and Michelle demure and extra feminine in a traditional Maharashtrian sari. Other posters had messages like ‘We welcome the most powerful man and lady of the world Mr and Mrs Obama to our school.’Equally intriguing was the lively Koli dance presented to the Obamas by children between the ages of seven and 12, with baskets on their hips in the school hall that was decked out with garlands, rangoli and kandeels.Please click on the NEXT button to read further.America’s personable First Couple she smartly dressed in black and white checks with a pink jacket and he more casual in a tie and a crisp white shirt, with sleeves rolled up firmly and quickly dispensed with ceremony and matched that humour to get up onto the floor to join the children in the typical hip swaying movements of Mumbai fisherfolk.Says Juzer Furniturewala, the school head boy: “I did not feel at all that I was interacting with the president. I felt he was my friend!””We chose a Diya dance because it is Diwali time. handbags ysl replica

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