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For obvious reasons, our recipes did not

Postado por tecsky em 9 de maio de 2014
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Canada Goose online The Web Standards and Accessibility Development GuideThis Web Standards and AccessibilityDevelopmentGuide is intended for campus wide use in conjunction with Queen’s Visual Identity Guide and WebPublish, Queen’s Web Content Management System.The Guide, which is intended for both expert users and those with minimal web experience, includes both quick reference points and more detailed explanations of web development topics (such as font usage, text size, use of Flash technology, etc.), as well as examples of how to properly apply them to Queen’s web pages.To date, the University’s many web sites have been developed on a decentralized basis, often with little technical support available to web administrators. As a result, the quality and accessibility of the various faculty, school, departmental, service, club, and personal sites vary with the expertise, time, and resources afforded by each group. Additionally, the vast majority of the University’s sites have not been developed in full compliance with web standards as identified by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium or other accessibility related standards.As a result of this decentralized growth, many of Queen’s web pages and the valuable information they contain for students, prospective students, students, staff, faculty, administrators, alumni, and the public at large are, either in part or as a whole, inaccessible because of the user’s computer platform or browser version, or because of a physical or learning disability.For example, a user with vision problems using adaptive technology or a person with arthritis or cheap canada goose a broken arm may struggle when selecting a check box on a web form. Canada Goose online

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