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If Khabib beats Conor AND Tony

Postado por tecsky em 24 de dezembro de 2013
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cheap canada goose uk Lots of people are excited about all the prospects at 145.For a while no one gave a shit about 135 but the last PPV numbers show it getting a bit more interest at least among “hardcore” fans. There have also been more 135 headliners recently and the division has gotten a lot deeper.IMO the top 5 are, in no particular order, are: DC, Miocic, Max, Woodley and TJ.I love Khabib and think he belongs there, just not before he beats Conor, imo to belong to the that list you got to have huge wins or great accomplishments, something like what Miocic and Woodley did to their divisions, Max run and wins against Aldo, TJ rise to the top again, https://www.gocanadagoose.ca or DC career.If Khabib beats Conor AND Tony, he jump not only to being best current fighter, but would also be in GOAT discussion the longer his reign is. You don necessarily have to use who they beat to understand how good they actually are. cheap canada goose uk

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