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Instead it will be in Los Angeles

Postado por tecsky em 7 de janeiro de 2015
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UFC 232 was supposed to be in Las Vegas on Saturday. Instead it will be in Los Angeles, after a stunning decision by the UFC to move the event over an issue with Jon Jones.It been a logistical nightmare for everyone involved, leading with the fighters who have had to make big adjustments during what is already a stressful week.But it also been brutal for those fans who booked trips to Vegas for the huge, year end UFC event that has two awesome title fights.Some of those fans shared their stories.UFC bantamweight champ Amanda Nunes, who is fighting featherweight champ Cris Cyborg, doesn seem to be too excited about that, and rightfully so:Well wasn’t expecting to pay California state taxes this Holiday season. December 24, 2018Nunes going to end up paying a good amount of money for her fight now as here an example of what she made when she beat Ronda Rousey at UFC 207 in Las Vegas.Amanda Nunes hasn’t fought in a state that reports salaries since she KO’d Ronda Rousey and made 200k so obviously we have to assume she’s making more now but based on that figure she would pay over $18k in taxes to California versus zero in Nevada.On top of taxes, there will also be some added medical costs:Another thing to note about the UFC 232 change is Nevada and California have different medical requirements for licensing.

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