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It a big investment to buy a few 3d printers

Postado por tecsky em 26 de outubro de 2014
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So far we have got down to 16C here. I wear prescription glasses so my options are limited and goggle are much cheaper than prescription sunglasses! I have a yellow lens for night/super cloudy days and a tinted one for sunny days. Unbeknownst to be until I started running in the cold my eyes are super sensitive to cold wind! Went for a run one day and my eyes watered so badly I couldn see where I was stepping and damn near biffed it hard..

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Input lag will never be fixed because its not an issue of bandwidth it is an issue of distance. It takes a certain amount of time for your inputs to go from your device, to the server, and back again. And the further away the server is the more the delay is going to be..

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After twenty five years in the jewelry business I have come to the conclusion that everyone needs to make an annual trip to their favorite jewelers to have their jewelry professionally cleaned. I recommend sometime in September, you know, when the kids are back to school and you could use a mid day glass of red wine while someone does something for you. After the tartar sauce and sunscreen have been thoroughly removed and the original luster returned to your jewelry, you could follow three simple steps to ensure it stays brilliant for many months..

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