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In which case I feel the hate it receiving on this thread feels a bit unfair. Imagine making some art in school for fun and posting it like “lookie what I made!” and everyone responds going “this is shit who would want to buy this?” Of course it probably useless and not sellable, but you learned things making it and had fun. When you start learning this stuff you don expect to be a successful innovator right off the bat, but you aren expected to be completely void of any creativity..

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If cable and satellite aren’t your thing and you have a nice TV you like that has an S Video input, you’ll probably want to get this box from Digiwave. It’s almost eighty bucks, but unlike the Future Shop or Best Buy offerings at that price, the DTV3000 has not just analog passthrough, but is pretty well loaded. You get S Video for the best picture you can get in analog and convenience features like favorite channel memory..

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