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The most common stated grievance was boredom

Postado por tecsky em 26 de dezembro de 2013
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The prisoners even got pretty well along with the locals, after (we assume) the obligatory wacky misunderstandings. Sure, there was some forced labor, but even that was strictly governed by the Geneva Convention accords, paid, and mostly the kind of manual labor (farm work, etc.) they were used to anyway. The most common stated grievance was boredom.

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Perhaps one of the reasons health tech developers are so focused on consumer based apps and wearables for fitness, nutrition, weight management, and brain health is that federal approval for clinical/medical applications may take years to obtain. And without FDA clearance or approval, medical device software and apps are rarely reimbursed by health insurance. The FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health has recently issued regulatory guidance for mobile apps.

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