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When I retire, I will continue to go overseas for medical

Postado por tecsky em 1 de novembro de 2014
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Started at App in 03. I got to help us tear down the goalpost after beating Southern and then accidentally putting it through their bus window. I got to watch us go to back back back national championships as a student (did my grad degree from 07 09).

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3. You can hear a meteor shower on your radio. Set your FM radio to a familiar station that is too far away to hear normally. The only reason I am commenting this is because I went through a long time during my not so out but not exactly closeted phase thinking I couldn possibly be a lesbian because I hate men clothes and only like really feminine chicks and lesbians look like boys. Mostly via social circles, to be honest. For example, one of my closest femme friends I met at an alumni meetup that had nothing to do with the LGBTQ crowd (I didn even realize she was a lesbian until I met her wife lol), and she is very social.

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