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White attorneys said the charges should be downgraded to

Postado por tecsky em 8 de fevereiro de 2014
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costume jewelry “Hepatitis B and C are the number two killer of our people, after heart and coronary diseases,” says hepatologist Jazag Amarsanaa, the member of the capital city parliament and the owner of the leading private hepatitis clinic and laboratory in Mongolia: “We lose far too many of our people to liver cancer and cirrhosis. It’s a real threat”. Indeed, according to a 2003 2005 prevalence survey hepatitis C had affected 10 15% of Mongolia’s population. costume jewelry

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fake jewelry I feel her fear for her life.” said Lim cousin, Lisa Zhou.Deputy Public Defender Kwixuan Maloof did not dispute that White committed the attacks during the trial.White attorneys said the charges should be downgraded to manslaughter. The prosecution says the injury was scalp wound and that White actions were “cold and calculating”.Instead, he presented evidence from multiple witnesses that White, who was shot in the shoulder and the back of the head by Antioch police in 2009, suffered from brain damage or a mental disorder that affected hisjudgment, reasoning and impulse control.Experts differed on whether that disorder was frontal lobe damage, schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder or a personality disorder, but in the end it amounted to the same thing, Maloof said.”He simply could not think things through because he did not have the mental capacity to do so,” Maloof said, arguing that White could not be found guilty of first degree murder because it required a greater degree ofintent than he had displayed.”This case is about Barry mental state, it always been about Barry mental state,” he said.Before Maloof could present closing arguments today, however, White personalized earrings, who did not testify during the trial, asked the judge if he could instead speak for himself.Judge Ethan Schulman asked if he meant to fire his defense attorney, and White said “It depends if I get due process or not. We could both do it.””I don even know the law,” White acknowledged, before requesting that he be allowed to represent himself.Ultimately asymmetrical gold earrings, Schulman denied the request on the grounds that it was untimely triangle earrings studs, being made in the midst of closing arguments after a seven week trial.Maloof used White behavior during the trial as further evidence for his mental disorder, telling jurors today that he had also chosen to withdraw an insanity plea some weeks into the trial, against the advice of his attorney.Schulman instructed jurors to disregard that statement, however, after an objection from the prosecution.Assistant District Attorney Diane Knoles countered the defense arguments about White mental state by arguing that White had brought a gun, a knife and extra ammunition to Victoga on the day of the attacks and snuck into JewelryMart.”Even if the defendant had a frontal lobe syndrome, he can still form a plan by the evidence shown in the case,” Knoles said.Knoles played clips of surveillance video from the store, combined with audio recorded next door, which showed the attacks in graphic detail fake jewelry.

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